We favor the development of innovative solutions to improve soil health and to make food systems sustainably more productive.


Soil degradation. Biodiversity loss. Dependency on agrochemicals. These are some of the problems associated to industrial agricultural practices. In Kora Agrilab we develop technological solutions to fostering the transition toward farming methods that are healthier for people and the planet. We achieve this goal through both an internal R+I for the creation of new products and services linked to the primary sector, and by acting as R+I business advisors for other organizations looking for funding to develop their innovative ideas.


We are convinced that the path to feed 10 billon people can not be found in going back to traditional farming methods. It will arise from innovative technologies for sustainable intensification of agriculture. We bring together a deep understanding of crop physiology, microbial ecology, molecular processes, soil chemistry and nutrient fluxes, as well as the ability to operate remote sensing, artificial intelligence and the digital integration of blockchain protocols. All these expertise are aligned in Kora Agrilab to generate solutions for ecological enhancement of agricultural productivity.


From one side, we are developing voluntary carbon markets linked to carbon farming. We are working with farmers to create trustworthy protocol for measuring and validating carbon sequestration at the farm level, and we expect to have sellable offsets by early 2022. 

From the other, we are a B2B research advisor, helping our clients, from identifying the right funding option up to build up international consortia, and writing winning proposal. Have you got an innovative idea? We are happy to give you our opinion on the matter. 


”Kora Agrilab helped us gaining insoghts into the microbial processes that allow the use of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes.“

Ángel De Miguel


Wageningen University

”The holistic vision of the Kora Agrilab team and its determination toward building an healthier and more sustainable food system is outstanding."

Antonia Lorenzo


CEO de Bioazul