We propose innovative solutions to improve soil health and to make food systems sustainably more productive.


Soil degradation. Biodiversity loss. Dependency on agrochemicals. These are some of the problems associated to industrial agricultural practices. In Kora Agrilab we develop solutions based on the understanding of soil-microbes-plants interactions. We foster the transition toward new farming methods that are at the same time more profitable for the farmer and healthier for people and the planet. 


We are convinced that the path to feed 10 billon people can not be found in going back to traditional farming methods. It will arise from innovative technologies for sustainable intensification of agriculture. Bringing together the latest discoveries on plant physiology, microbial ecology and inter-kingdom interactions, we offer solutions dedicated to scientifically improve agricultural productivity.


To develop our solutions we always focus on two aspects: improving farming profitability and promote an healthier and more sustainable food system. Our first products are designed to increase soil fertility as well as the ability of plants to extract the nutrients they need from it. 


”Results of PowerSoil and NutriSoil application in my broccoli plantation were impressive, with a clear boost in productivity.“

Carmen Guerrero


La Merecida, Murcia

”Kora Agrilab helped us gaining insoghts into the microbial processes that allow the use of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes.“

Ángel De Miguel


Wageningen University

”The holistic vision of the Kora Agrilab team and its determination toward building an healthier and more sustainable food system is outstanding."

Antonia Lorenzo


CEO de Bioazul 


The EIT Food recognizes the innovative potential of PowerSoil to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil.

Kora Agrilab organizes a series of technical webinars about sustainable soil management practices (in Spanish).