Kora is used in the Greek mythology as an alternative name to call Persephone. Her myth embodies the cyclic nature of vegetation, which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest. At Kora Agrilab we investigate how to optimize the proceses of biosynthesis and organic decay for agricultural purposes.


The dominating farming model that was introduced through the green revolution is known to have negative side effects that day after day are becoming more alarming. Among these are particularly worrying soil fertility and biodiversity losses.

Today it is possible to revert these negative processes without impacting on farm productivity. The key lays in making use of the latest agronomic trends and biotechnologies, bringing back the soil-microbiome-plant relationship at the centre of the farming agenda.

At Kora Agrilab we make available to farmers and technicians our deep knowledge of plant physiology and microbial ecology, developing with them nature-inspired products that favor the transition towards a new way of doing agriculture

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Biostimulants to quickly increase soil organic content and promote root's ability to absorbe nutrients and grow faster.


Modern labs, including an experimental farming station, designed to help you validate your personal solutions.