R&D tool-box is fully dedicated to develop nature-inspired biotechnologies that help farmers to make use of existing biological dynamics that can be nurtured in the field. We look for solutions by having an holistic vision of the farming process, with a particular focus on promoting good relationships between plants and the soil microbiome.

Our modern laboratory is dedicated to analyze microbial communities and how we can manage them to benefit crops. The strains and molecules that demonstrate possible agricultural applications are isolated and tested in our research field. The biostimulating activity of our products is carefully evaluated, with rigorous safety standard, and keeping always in mind that their application must result in an increased profitability for the farmer.

Our research facilities are located at the heart of a 3 hectares farm dedicated to test our biostimulants. One of our research lines focuses on improving our ability to extract biological data from remote sensing. We compare physico-chemical information extracted from laboratory analysis of our soil and plants with satellite images. By doing so we aim at developing tools to monitor the effect of our biostimulating products in the overall health status of the plantations and the soils that sustain them.

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