The result of our scientific bio-discovery process are products with big impacts on the health status of crops and their consequent productivity. All our formulations are based on natural extracts, can be used in organic farming, and are designed for the sustainable intensification of agriculture. 

The Soil Regeneration System (SRS)

SRS is a model for fertilization management that we developed in order to maximize nutrient usage in the soil-plant ecosystem. The basic idea is that the amount of organic matter in the soil is directly linked to the biological activity of the soil microbiome. High activity equals high functionality. High functionality equals high fertility. High fertility equals high productivity. That simple. 

Following this logic, SRS is designed to regenerate lost functions and increase the organic content in the soil, while at the same time reducing the cost of fertilizers. This method starts with a "picture" of the microbial community pre-existing, which is interpreted to identify microbes from our strain collection that can fix local metabolic bottlenecks, and ends by applying specific molecular activators of such beneficial microbes. The final result is an improved ability of soils to sustain crops with lower input costs.

If you would like us to check up your farm based on the SRS methodology, simply get in touch with us.

The Agrow line

In this group we have placed specific crop biostimulants designed by our team of scientists. It includes nutritional products that improve targeted biological processes of interest, such as tillering in cereals, branching in pulses, increased weight in stone fruits, stronger stalk in olives and nuts, density of vegetal tissues in vegetables. All products are based on plant extracts and specific amino acidic compositions and are allowed un organic farming.