The amount of organic matter in the soil is directly linked to the biological activity of the soil microbiome. High activity equals high functionality. High functionality equals high fertility. High fertility equals high productivity. That simple. Our products are designed to bring life to soil and strength to plants.


Designed for soils with low amount of organic matter and reduced biodiversity. PowerSoil is a biofertilizer based on a microbial complex capable of extracting precipitated nutrients from the soil matrix. It works as an activator of ecological processes that favor the deposition of organic matter, ultimately increasing the bioavailability of nutrients to crops. PowerSoil effectivity if boosted when applied together with NutriSoil.


 An organic matter enriched in natural molecules that promotes microbial activity in the soil. In fact, every microorganism sold as biofertilizer needs to find specific conditions in order to express its beneficial functions toward the roots. This is the reason why we designed NutriSoil, to nurture the strains contained in PowerSoil, allowing them to remain active throughout the whole vegetative cycle.